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It's pretty hard to describe myself, not because i don't know exactly myself yet, but i just can't find a perfect fit-words that representing me...hahaha! Anyway, I slightly believe that the best mirror of yourself is your own friends, so I'm not gonna take the risk to be my own mirror, since mirror is not supposed to look to him self, but I'm gonna be more pleased if you could just ask my friends 'bout my true personality....hahaha!

Anyway, all I can say bout myself is; I'm a choleric who loves to read and travel. That's it. I've read since i was 4, but that's because I have to...hahaha! But i've really read a book since last year. My life's been more nerdish since then....hahahaha! But I enjoy to read a lot, i mean it, just like I enjoy to lick chocolate ice cream in the middle of sunny day...

I love to travel too. Well this hobby is kinda new, honestly. This appear since my first unexpected-travel with my travel mate; Fanny, Mae, Bonong, Arun, Nena, & Tahir. It's a very long story to tell, so I'm not gonna waste this page with that story, anyway. By that, i discover myself that I also love to try new things, and I love to meet new people too...

Right now, I'm battling to resist the laziness in me. The laziness to accomplish my final assignment (read: skripsi)...hehehe! Hope I'm gonna graduate this year!


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This blog contains everythings that blinked from my mind...

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